• This was the first time I have been here the place is amazing. There are two waiting rooms, one for adult and one for children. The exam rooms were really clean. I went on Christmas Day so there wasn't really anybody there. There was only a 5 minute wait. I enjoyed my experience and I said it was magnificent. I really recommend this place.

  • Great care and as a Pharmacist, I highly recommend them

  • The doctor treated my 6 month old son and he was extremely nice and very thorough!! I appreciated the time he took in the room with us. He was very confident in his work which I appreciate as well. The office was clean and the staff was very nice. The nurse took her time to explain medication dosage to me, writing it down and making sure I understood everything. Thanks for an awesome experience!!

  • Amazing service and care! Very limited wait time! Kind and professional!! Thanks!

  • Great to have this option for the kids! Great service and staff.

  • This was my first visit to Lake After Hours. I came in because my 3 month old son was coughing & it had gotten significantly worse than the day before. I am a first time mom so I felt that it was better to just go and get him checked out for peace of mind. I went online before I showed up and checked in and filled out all of the information they needed so when I arrived I only had to sign a consent form and another form stating which medications my insurance would not cover should my baby need any of them. After I signed those two forms we were called back within 10 minutes. Once we got into the room the nurse and other staff were very nice and I felt that they shared my concerns for my baby. The nurse practitioner explained everything thoroughly after checking on my son and asked if we had any questions and I believe this was probably the best medical care I've received and I felt that I had the same treatment I would've gotten if I had taken him to his regular pediatrician. I highly recommend this location for anyone who has children. The place is very clean and they do their job and go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable leaving knowing they did everything within their power to help your child.

  • Literally the only place I trust for taking care of my 2 year old daughter! We have been to a few other places who could not care less about our concerns with her health and making us feel at ease. Other places just wanted to take our money and run a few test before sending us to this location and trying to double charge us. The staff here is out of this world awesome!